Answers to a Constituent's Questions re aborton, taxes, federal spending, etc.

Q & A:

1) Where do you stand on abortion?
A: See I am Pro Life

2) How would you change taxes and why? 
A: See Playing Robin Hood Politics

3) What do you believe needs to change in federal spending policies and what specific actions would you support? 
A: We will need to re-prioritize defense spending away from bases and hardware to more attention to cyber and space warfare. See We are in an Undeclared War, Whether We Like it or Not. Regarding our "safety net" programs, we need to tighten the eligibility requirements for Social Security Disability, as many people with multiple ABILITIES are eligible because of a single designated disability. For example, a bad back does not prevent a person from using their head in a knowledge industry.

4) What steps would you take to strengthen the US economy?
A: Following the doctors' motto, "First do no harm." Instability and uncertainty cause people to delay spending and businesses from investing, which slows the economy. So, try not to have any big potential changes hanging over the economy for months or years. Don't lie. Work collaboratively, listen to advice from subject matter experts (although not necessarily following all of it), etc. to build trust. Trade the elimination of the Lottery immigration program for an equal number increase in the skilled immigrant program to encourage job creation.

5) Please name two or three people in politics who have done something you admire and why.
A: I am a conservative but consider myself "center-right". So, people like Senator Mitt Romney, deceased Senator John McCain, former Wisconsin U.S. Representative and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, former Ohio Governor John Kasich and former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley are the ones I gravitate towards. I like their thoughtful approaches to public policy, disregard for crazy conspiracy theories, and willing to listen to others to try to find better solutions. 

Paid for by (even if free) Rick Olson for Congress Committee, P.O. Box 1079, Prior Lake, MN 55372


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