Skeptical about Climate Science? It is smart to be skeptical.

The paper below establishes (1) who accepts the scientific evidence that climate change is real, primarily caused by humans burning fossil fuels and that it is urgent that we do something about it and (2) who does not.

If after reading this, and you are still skeptical, I would love to hear from you about how you evaluate sources of information, i.e., how you determine who you should believe and who not - not only on this issue but on other issues.

"Skeptical about Climate Science?  It is smart to be skeptical.

By Alan Anderson, Northfield.

But please consider: The scientists and leadership of these organizations . . .
agree that human-caused climate change is happening, mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions, and that the consequences of not significantly reducing CO2 emissions are negative, irreversible and  will imperil all future generations.

1.       The American Petroleum Institute: “Few things threaten America’s future prosperity more than climate change”.  Institute report 2016
2.       Exxon-Mobil:  The company scientists say, on the website  “Rising CO2 poses significant risks to society and ecosystems.”  Exxon publically supports the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.
3.       Shell Oil: Their paid climate science advisor, David Hone, says in company literature “We need to get to zero net CO2 emissions by 2100”, to preserve the planet as we know it.
4.       The 4th National U.S. Climate Assessment, put out by 13 fed. agencies and their 300 scientists,
in Nov.2018, under this administration, concludes: It’s us, it’s CO2 and it is URGENT!
5.       Europe's 6 largest oil companies, in June 2015, have jointly and publically called for a carbon tax, as the fastest way to begin decreasing CO2 emissions, while giving oil companies a predictable playing field.
6.       Five former Republican directors of the EPA, submitted a letter in the NYTs in 2014, agreeing with the scientists and calling for urgent action.
7.       NOAA and NASA: Based on both original research and the study of all available climate research, agree that it’s CO2, it’s us and it’s urgent.
8.       The U.S. Department of Defense says  “Climate change is a threat multiplier.”
9.       The US National Academy of Science says rising CO2 imperils 100s of billions in coastal property.
10.   Almost all other countries’ National Academies of Science
11.   Over 95% of working climate scientists  agree it’s CO2, it’s us and it’s URGENT!
12.   99.8% of all the peer-reviewed and published scientific research on climate, among the almost 14,000 papers in the last 20 years.
13.   100% of the major Christian denominations and other world religions, who have said anything on climate change.

If all these (& many more) have studied the issue and understand the above to be true, . . .

Who disagrees?
1.       About a dozen US climate scientists, many of whom are paid (well documented) by the Heartland Institute with funds provided by some fossil fuel companies.  These folks are the “merchants of doubt”, some the very same folks who worked for the tobacco companies, as
did Heartland Institute.[ a list of these may be found at Leaked Email Reveals Who's WhoList of Climate Denialists]
2.       LOTS of bloggers, pundits, radio talk show hosts and FOX News, who all mainly endlessly repeat what the above handful of climate change denying scientists, say.
3.       0.2% (28) of those 14,000 research papers, and none of these 28 papers have disproven  that atmospheric CO2 is now higher than any time in the last million years and rising, and that CO2 has a powerful role in warming the atmosphere
4.       ZERO nationally or internationally recognized scientific organizations.

It is good to be skeptical.  All good scientists are.  They LOVE proving each other wrong.  That’s why peer review works to keep science straight.  But when the ever-growing research and observational data are irrefutable, the open-minded person changes their view.  This is what meteorologist Paul Douglas did.  He was skeptical about climate change.  But the ever mounting scientific data convinced him and now he gives talks on the subject, and he recently published a book – Caring for Creation – on the challenges of climate change.   It is a sign of caring for today’s young people and all future generations.

Have questions about specific scientific issues or the accuracy of any of the above info?  Contact me for a friendly discussion on it.  Alan Anderson at 507-301-4673 or"


  1. World CO2 emissions are still rising. China (number one emitter) will never reduce their CO2 emissions if it will grow their economy. The US has reduced it's carbon footprint more than most other nations. If anthropogenic CO2 emissions have tipped the balance of the ecosystem, it is too late, we can't change it now. The oceans have been rising for the last 20,000 years, The cycle of warming for the last 1 million years indicates we should be getting warmer before we switch to the next ice age.


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