A Friend's List of 10 things i Have in Common with President Trump

Trey Bailey, a strong President Trump supporter who has known me for a long time wrote that I have these ten things in common with President Trump:

  1. Both President Trump and I are tireless workers who have tremendous energy, need little sleep and, like the president I can and will devote 16+ hours a day to campaigning and after I win to Making America Great Again.
  2. Like President Trump I am a winner.  I started out life with what my widowed mom was able to give me; a stable home, a strong work ethic and classic American values. I have been successful in both public and private sectors and in personal endeavors; I have run in two elections and I won both, you can’t beat 100%, folks.  Through hard work and the tremendous opportunities provided by our free market system I have come from poverty to become financially secure with success in many fields.  I have made my fortune, biked across America and while I have never been to the top floor of Trump Tower, I did climb halfway up Mount Everest and all the way up Mount Kilimanjaro.
  3. Both President Trump and I have overcome enormous setbacks. President Trump went broke in the 1990s but he reinvented himself and overcame his difficulties to become stronger and better than ever. I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. It almost killed me, many bones were broken, including my neck, back and 4 ribs, many months were spent in a neck and body brace and in physical therapy. It took a long, long time but I nursed my body back to health and went on to bicycle across America and climb to half way up Mount Everest.
  4. Like President Trump I am married to a fantastic, intelligent and beautiful woman. Linda is my best friend, my closest confidant, my lover, my college sweetheart and lifelong companion. Like Melania Trump, she will represent us, in Washington, with grace and dignity.
  5. Like President Trump I don’t need the job and I cannot be bought by special interests and big donors. I have a great life, a lovely home and a wonderful family. I am financially secure enough to live out my life very comfortably, in fact, I have put $100,000 of my own money into our campaign for Congress.
  6. Both President Trump and I are successful, not because of politics but because of classic American values, hard work and the opportunities provided by our free market economic system and I want to make sure that every American has those opportunities available to them.
  7. Both President Trump and I are 100% American patriots and love our wonderful nation and her beautiful people.
  8. I am a fighter, just like President Trump. While I believe in approaching life with peaceful intent, I have never back down from a fight in my life and have no fear of fighting the swamp creatures in DC or pushing back against the Fake News media.
  9. Both President Trump and I are natural outsiders, not part of any DC cabal or insider network.
  10. Like President Trump more than anything else I want to Make America Great Again.”

Rick Olson, Republican, Candidate for Congress
Minnesota Congressional District 2
vs. Democrat Angie Craig
Paid for by Rick Olson for Congress Committee
P.O. Box 1079, Prior Lake, MN 55372


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